Basset hounds have a robust, low-to-the-ground body, drooping ears, and loose skin. Short, wrinkled legs are common. These scent hounds utilise their dewlaps to detect scents. These dogs can track a scent for kilometres.

Basset Hound

Neapolitan mastiffs have loose neck skin.  Ancient Romans reared this dog breed as a battle dog, so it developed its dewlap as natural defence. The dewlap covers its lower jaw and neck. This dewlap is a key breed characteristic, and its absence can indicate underdevelopment.

Neapolitan Mastiff

The shar-pei dog breed is a medium-sized alert dog native to South East Asia. The Shar-head, Pei's neck, and torso are covered in loose skin and wrinkles. This helps to protect it when it is confronted by another dog breed.

Chinese Shar-Pei

Bulldogs are another dog breed with loose skin around their neck, albeit their faces are flattened due to their lineage, which includes bullbaiting. Today's bulldog has wrinkled jowls reminiscent of his ancestors, as well as loose neck skin.


The French bulldog is related to the bulldog and has loose skin around its neck, which is utilised for sensing smells and gives this dog breed its characteristic appearance. The head and shoulders of the French bulldog show significant wrinkles, with some of these breeds having abnormally loose skin.

French Bulldog

This Chinese dog breed is known for its playfulness and loyalty and makes a fantastic companion.  Pugs are small and low-maintenance.These dogs are sweet and adorable. Their wrinkled features and big eyes make them curious. Under their necks are dewlaps.


English Bulldogs were bred to bait bulls. These dog breeds appear tough yet are gentle, sweet, and peaceful. Heavy wrinkles and loose skin around the lips distinguish these dogs. Dewlaps hang from their necks.

English Bulldog

As working dogs, Labrador retrievers have additional skin, which helps them perform better. Dewlaps assist Labradors track and hunt. Sagging skin gives them more talents.

 Labrador Retriever

The Pekingese dog breed is tiny and aristocratic, with deep wrinkles emphasising its short muzzle. The Pekingese is considered to have a lion-like look due to its long mane and loose dewlap. Its wide, expressive eyes reveal a devoted, confident, and independent character.


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