When feelings are involved, it can be hard to understand what the other person is saying. Even small things can make you feel bad, which is why it's so important for you to practise unconditional love today.


When you let someone do things for you, they love it. People feel close to those that need them, even if it's just a small thing. Don't be hesitant to ask someone to help you. It exposes your softer side and lets them know you care.


Love is a wonderful feeling. Today, it pays off big time to keep the flames of love going. You make love happen, so romance happens.


Home is what one makes of it. You are the reason a place feels like an escape from the severity of the outside world. You have a gentle manner that makes others feel cared for and cherished.


You must sometimes repeat yourself. When someone you care about has been injured in the past, hearing that you love them makes it easier for them to believe. It may take some time for the reality of your plans to set in.


Money may not be what you want, but it helps. You want to be in a relationship while you're financially stable. There's nothing wrong with recognising you need time to get there. You're doing what's best for you.


Self-love is required for anything else, so you avoid intimacy with someone you don't want to hurt. You may put someone you like in the friend zone in hopes they'll return later. But Libra, you need love, too.


Scorpio, the past is behind you. When a song on the radio reminds you of an ex or a former love, it's not your job to reach out. It helps you see how far you've come and how much more you deserve from love.


Make today special by going out with a friend instead of staying home by yourself. Go see a show or cook a simple meal at home. Make the night full of laughter and good memories.


A coworker might be sending you hints that they want to be more than just friends with you. Breaking up a professional relationship is a big decision, but if you feel the same way, it might be worth seeing where things can go.


Trust in love, Aquarius. Love is an eternal energy that returns in varied ways. You may not remain with the person you are with today, but it does not exclude you from becoming friends with them in the future. Occasionally, a friend who was once a lover is the finest of all friends.


It's time to talk more openly and not worry about what the future holds. When you've been hurt, it can be scary to open your heart again. But as time goes on, you will gain more confidence in the trust you build with each other.


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