Aries, ease up on the self-criticism. Self-improvement work can cause you to be harsh on yourself, perhaps more so than is healthy. Instead of dwelling on your shortcomings when you discover an area of yourself that needs improvement, focus on developing your strengths.


Taurus, your past can fuel your future success. Your past provides significant lessons. Your life's experiences have influenced your outlook. This insight can help you move forward in life.


Consider a friend's aim before accepting stinging critique.  When a friend tells you something you don't want to hear, you may question your friendship. People's ability to read your environment is an asset, not a liability.


Working in a profession or vocation you no longer enjoy is difficult, especially if you once did.Leaving a passion can be confusing. Saying goodbye to a part of your life you previously enjoyed might be sad, but it's exhilarating to start a new chapter.


Attention! Some days are better for discussing tense topics. Some things expressed can be insulting, especially if they are restrictive or damaging to others. Despite your attempt to remain neutral, you may find it difficult to refrain from calling something offensive today.


As you get closer to someone, they're more likely to trust you and open up. You appreciate their trust, yet there are some things you can't bear to hear about their suffering. Empathy is admirable, but remember your own emotional wellness.


Even when two people have become close to one another, they may still end up fighting. The day may end with you saying or doing something that causes others emotional distress. Keep in mind that your heart may be more fragile than normal today, but know that you can push through.


There's a lot to get done today, but by day's end, all you really want is some cuddle time with a fun companion. Plan an evening activity that will be both enjoyable and restful. Scorpio, life is more than work. Make time for play.


Love can be complicated. Sometimes you question if your intense feelings for someone are love. Because you've been hurt before, you're wary. It's hard to relax your defences, but give it time and you'll be able to enjoy your emotions.


Family concerns can take up a lot of time these days, and it's not easy to balance them with a full and active life. Today you may need to set personal boundaries. Always love yourself and others.


When individuals are hurt, they often say terrible things without realising how damaging they are. It is not your responsibility to correct an adult's bad behaviour, but your silence and withdrawal may convey a strong message.


Today is a good day to indulge in a little retail therapy and treat yourself to something new. You should choose something that would make you happy without worrying that the cost will give you concern in the future.


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