Rocky is a male dog name made famous by Sylvester Stallone. Rocky may be a Shih Tzu or a Great Dane; what matters is determination. If you recognise a go-getter in your pup, this underdog metaphor is the perfect male dog name.


Bear is an excellent name for big and little dogs. Larger dog breeds will prefer a name that shows off their strength and independence, while small dogs can play off their size.


Iggy is an appealing male dog name that won't need much convincing. Many dog owners chose the name because of its meaning. Iggy means "Fiery One" in Latin, which fits any pup's adventurous personality.


Rebel is a good name for rule-breakers. This clever boy dog name is short and easy to say, especially when your pooch acts as they want.


A name inspired by this precious metal is suitable for your new addition. If your dog's colour matches, Goldie is a no-brainer girl dog name.


Luna, which means "Moon" in Latin, is a popular female dog name. And deservedly so. You can hardly go wrong with a celestial name for a lovely pet.


Zuzu means "Sweet" in Yiddish, making it a cute dog name. It'll make you grin every time you say it, so include it to your list of female dog names. Just speak it out loud to see what we mean.


When your new puppy starts sniffing about the living room on the first day, you know you've got a detective on your hands. Then it's Sherlock.

Sherlock Bones

If your dog barks at friends or adversaries, night or day, they should be named Bark Twain. There's nothing wrong with utilising humour to name a jovial dog.

Bark Twain

Goofy, a beloved Disney mascot, still inspires dog owners seven decades after its creation. If your puppy is amusing and clumsy like the cartoon character, go for Goofy.


We love Toto from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" because he's smart, amusing, and devoted to Dorothy. We all need a Toto, and you may have one.


Watson, Sherlock's sidekick, best buddy, and flatmate, inspires dog owners. This British dog name is perfect. It's brief, cool, and a pop culture allusion.


If you're seeking for British inspiration for the perfect girl dog name, consider Poppy. This timeless sign of remembrance may be the ideal fit for your new pup.


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