Here are 5 unusual gift ideas that can make your friend feel special.

If you’re not a fan of eggs, there’s another way you could increase your vitamin D intake.

No more friendship bands, cards, and chocolates

Unique photo frames are offered. To commemorate your friendship, take a photo with your pal.

Unique photo frames

Cut a snapshot of yourself into a caricature. You can get a self-and-friend caricature.


If you want to give your friend something distinctive, choose a gift basket.


Choose among chocolates, a poster, a coffee mug, a plush toy, and a key ring.

Gift basket

DIY cards are a unique form of gifting. It's box-shaped and requires many unfoldings. You can decorate the card with phrases, photographs, drawings, and stickers.

Card Boxes DIY

A combo gift is great for keeping things simple. Coffee mugs, cushions, or a book and photo frame. Unique gift ideas for your best friend include combos.



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