How can dogs see World? Veterinary Ophthalmologist Explains

You might be surprised to learn that your eyesight is better in a few ways than your dog's. 

Dogs just don't see as much color in the world as people do. Canines have two different kinds of cones in their eyes, making them dichromatic.

Can Dogs See Color?

So, they see everything, including you, as a range of blue and yellow colors. For them, even grass isn't green. 

 On the other hand, people have three types of cones, making them trichromatic. People can also see red and green, unless they are colorblind.

Because their eyes have more rods, dogs can see better in the dark than people can. 

Can Dogs See in the Dark?

Most breeds also have a shiny layer in the back of the eye called the tapetum lucidum. 

It works like a mirror and lets light bounce back and forth against the lens. It makes the eye better at taking in light.


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