You're ready for love, but this eclipse may delay it. It's not simple to find someone who recognises and loves you for who you are.This eclipse is in your rebirth area, so an ex may want to make amends and move on.Despite your kindness, this person can arouse up stronger sensations than you expected.


You take commitment seriously. Dating or long-term partnerships show unmet requirements. This eclipse is a time to establish your needs in the name of love.This could be a much-needed breakup or you spending more time with pals to meet your needs.


Gemini, Mercury retrograde changed how you work and required you to adjust your timetable. Today's eclipse shows what's working and what's not.As with scheduling, don't expect fast changes.This eclipse requires relationships, so you'll need to collaborate. Before the new year, life will settle down.


Cancer's heartstrings are pulled, and part of you is guarded. Someone wants to show you love. You've needed this but didn't believe your feelings. But this eclipse melts your heart's ice from past sorrows. The journey begins and leads to a better view of relationships.


Leo, you care about your family, but you can't handle the workload. Work friction kept you from spending as much time with family as you'd want.Last year's solar eclipse brings change. You'll progress in these areas, but it won't be simple. After the eclipse, you may spend more time with family and on yourself.


This eclipse highlights Virgo's communication sector. Mercury straight brings relief.You may need to rewrite contracts or get a car repair that makes buying new appear preferable. Be patient with writing projects, employment offers, and other paperwork. You'll want to read the fine print and give yourself plenty of time.


This eclipse can make you feel insecure. Venus rules your Aries personal property area.Aries may have a personal issue that slows them down.Waiting for someone to confide in you is difficult. Waiting can be difficult if you're looking for a place to live, debating whether to move in with a partner, or waiting for a partner to show up.


This eclipse occurs during Scorpio's solar return and a new Venus cycle.Large events demand a lot of energy. Self improvement  may involve  cross-country travel or returning to school. Plan beforehand.


Sagittarius, an eclipse is in your adversary sector and house of endings. Some friendships have served their function, Sag. Even though you bear no ill will, certain people don't match your life anymore.You decide you don't deserve the bother they cause, so you block their access to your time.


Capricorn, everyone needs a solid buddy, and networking is crucial; you may have lost connection with people due to the epidemic or other causes. Despite being timid, it's always nice to start a discussion.Reconnect with former clients. Share certificates, awards, and great reviews on social media to humblebrag. 


Aquarius, you're getting better at conveying your needs and wants. Saturn's been in your zodiac sign all year, so it's been a year of growth and loneliness.With this eclipse in your friendship sector, you'll meet new people and amuse your pals more. You can recreate yourself.


This is a spiritual eclipse for you because it's in your house of philosophy. You may realise that several roles you've played no longer apply.You prefer to avoid conflict but must set firm boundaries and follow your principles. Last year's eclipse wakes your inner guru, who urges you to be yourself. 


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