The happier you are, the less you'll be inclined to say "yes" to that coworker who loves the gym and chicken and rice.

Prioritize self-dates

It's crucial so they know it's over instead of living with an unending question mark.

Don't ghost

When you read someone's entire name on Hinge, it's tempting to peek at their tagged Instagram photos to see if they have a strong jawline. 


If you're single, you've probably matched on Hinge, gone on a terrific date, and then they stopped responding.


Lifesharing shouldn't be embarrassing. Most people want that, yet when asked what they want


Singlehood's best parts aren't dating. It's being able to watch three minutes of a movie while eating a kebab in bed.

Dating shouldn't define you.

It doesn't receive or send long-paragraph texts.

Dating shouldn't define you.

It's not having to inform someone where you are or worry when they don't answer. It's flirting badly with everyone

Dating shouldn't define you.

Overthinking dating will be difficult and stressful. You must enjoy your own company before dating.

Dating shouldn't define you.


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