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25 sep, 2020

There are techniques to preserve plants from the summer heat 

25 sep, 2020

Hot weather evaporates water quickly, drying out plant soil. Mulching helps keep soil moist longer.

Organic or mineral ingredients are spread on the ground. Wood chips, grass clippings, ferns, gravel, sand, pebbles, or fallen leaves are natural mulches.

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Fabrics and plastic sheets keep soil wet but aren't attractive or biodegradable.

25 sep, 2020

Before mulching, weed the soil. Water the soil before applying mulch

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then apply a thick layer (at least 2 inches) around the plant. Protect the plant's collar

25 sep, 2020

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After spreading mulch, water your plant again.

25 sep, 2020

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Protect the plant's collar. After spreading mulch, water your plant again.

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