Half of British women do no regular exercise

"Place it properly when doing squats, lunges, and exercises. Focus on the "three Hs" in side plank: Aligned heels, hips, and head. 


Set up in a lunge position with your feet hip-width apart. Slowly drop your rear knee down towards the floor in a five-second descent.

Eccentric Split Squat

Do a squat while you hold the weight steady and this move will target your quads big time. Do four sets of eight to 10 repetitions

Goblet Squat

Get on your knees while keeping your upper body upright. Before you start the exercise, squeeze the glutes and keep your abs tight drawing your rib cage to the belt buckle

Reverse Nordic Exercise

It’s time to build some endurance in that quad muscle. Put one foot on a box or a yoga block and maintain a 90-degree angle throughout the exercise. 

Isometric Box Step

Tap up and down on the box for 15 seconds to start on each side. “We're trying our best not to let the knee bounce up and down.

You're gonna feel a burn in the thigh and the quadriceps muscle,” Chan says. “This is an advanced version of the wall sit.”

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