When one's dating options seem limited and one goes for long stretches without finding somebody appropriate, desperation sets in

There may come a time when we can't handle being alone and will sleep with anyone who's comforting.

In a situation of desperation, most people chose a partner and term it love without considering what they want in a romantic relationship.

1. Take a break

Don't settle down. When people desire to always be around others, they make bad decisions and appear desperate.

2. Focus on single benefits

Recognize your blessings. This is irresistible. Being single has benefits, just as being in a relationship.

3. Establish new links

Develop new connections. If you depend on others for happiness, a relationship isn't for you. 

4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

It's acceptable to feel left out or envious if all your friends are dating, but avoid being bitter. 

Singles who enjoy meaningful hobbies might be happy. When you find an unconditionally loving companion, it's time to settle down. Keep hoping.


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