The dung beetle can be seen rolling massive mounds of dung across long distances. They fight over dung balls, and I find it too comical that they're rolling around crap.


This is no ordinary dog; rather, it is a remarkable hunter that is in risk of extinction. Large ears, a long tail, and spots on its fur are all telltale signs of an African wild dog.

African Wild dog

The smallest antelope, they are active at night. 43–60 cm is their maximum height. They live in Sudan, Eritrea, northern Somalia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Angola, and Namibia.


The animal closest to us. Gorillas come in two varieties, Eastern and Western. They're both endemic to Africa and extremely endangered. They are the largest apes and known for knuckle-walking.


Cutest African animal. The meerkat gained popularity after appearing in The Lion King as Timon. Meerkats live in packs and stand on two legs while the others dig for food.


This fox has "abnormally" enormous ears, making it one of Africa's most unusual mammals. They eat insects, birds, and small mammals in northern African deserts.

Fennec Fox

African Baboon species differ in size and weight. The baboon's pink bottom is famous. In Africa, they're creeping closer to human populations and raiding villages for food and "valuables"


The Okapi is a rare animal found solely in the DRC. The Okapi looks like a zebra, but it's related to giraffes and is frequently called the forest giraffe because it lives in the jungle.


African porcupines are huge rodents with sharp spines on their backs and are another example of Africa's strange animal appearance. This helps to keep dangerous animals at bay.


The huge migration from Serengeti to Masai Mara is something that you have probably heard of. It's the annual migration of millions of wildebeest between two national parks.


As with many other swift African creatures, this one is primarily found in the continent's southern regions. Among antelopes, the Impala is a subspecies.


One of the most recognisable creatures in the world, the rhinoceros is a large animal native to Africa. The two species of critically endangered rhinoceros, the white and the black, may both be found in Africa.


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