Is Marriage a Bad Deal for Women?

According to studies that examine subjective happiness among married and unmarried people, married people and those in committed relationships.

Happier than those who are single, and this appears to be true for both men and women, albeit the benefits are small. 

These comparisons, however, are misleading because happier people are likewise more likely to marry.

 So, even if marriage does not boost happiness, we can expect higher levels of happiness among married people.

A more effective strategy would be to follow the same people over time to see how marriage affects their happiness. 

Some studies that use this strategy discover what has been nicknamed the "honeymoon effect": a rise in happiness before and after marriage, but a gradual weakening of the benefit later.

Over time, we adjust to important life events, good and terrible, and revert to our baseline level of happiness, called the "hedonic treadmill."


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