Japan's fluffy hunting dogs are "National Monuments." The Akita Club of America says these dogs are healthy emblems. Akitas are devoted watchdogs. They're family-obsessed and affectionate at home. Be social and train hard. Independent and protective, Akitas are suspicious of new people and dogs.


Another fluffy thing that protects the pack. Alaskan Malamutes are lively dogs that pull sleds and love their families. Repeat instructions. Malamutes have double coats that are thick, weatherproof, and grey, black, and red. They should be brushed every day.

Alaskan Malamute

Belgian Sheepdogs are smart dogs that like to work and learn. The Belgian Sheepdog Club of America says that their alertness has helped them get jobs with European police, border patrol, and the Red Cross. If you leave a nice animal alone for too long, it will get lonely.

Belgian Sheepdog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are canine sweethearts. Calm, affectionate, and adaptable, these pups make great companions. Black, white, and tan coats make these dogs incredibly responsive. It's worth the shedding for a respectable BFF.

 Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are the cutest dogs ever. These puppies make great pets because they are friendly, calm, and flexible. These dogs' black, white, and tan coats make them very responsive. It's worth the tears for a good best friend.


Dobermans could brag about how smart, brave, obedient, and agile they are, but they would rather protect their families without any drama. Dobermans are devoted, funny, and easy to train. Their black fur sheds but doesn't need much care. Dobermans are fun and loyal family pets.


German Shepherds are police dogs that work hard. If you train and socialise them early, they will listen to you. German Shepherds can be aggressive, but they like to play and can get used to a more laid-back lifestyle when they are young. Their black and tan fur, big ears, and serious looks also make them stand out.

German Shepherd

Great Danes are very easy to spot. Big. They're lanky and tall, with ears that point up. Harlequin, which has spots of black and white, is a popular colour. The Great Dane puppies like to play with their families and have their minds challenged. It's hard to keep their joints healthy.

Great Dane

Great Pyrenees have shaggy white coats and gentle demeanors. Their reduced prey drive makes them good with other animals and youngsters. Great Pyrenees coats are tangle- and dirt-resistant and only shed annually, so expect plenty of fur. Large dogs have helped shepherds in France and Spain for ages.

Great Pyrenees

If greyhounds are raised to race, their brains work on their own. These tall dogs are good runners because they have slim bodies. They can be hard to get to do what you want, but they are kind and can change. Greyhounds can be almost any colour you can think of.


Irish Wolfhounds are taller than Great Danes and Great Pyrenees. These dogs reach 35 inches when full-grown. As sweet as they are tall, they prefer to be involved. Their size requires adequate living and growing area. Another Irish Wolfhound challenge? They're shorter-lived than most dogs. They'll follow you everywhere while you have them.

Irish Wolfhound

Always desired a huge dog? Leonberger-up. These friendly, attentive canines are perfect for first-time owners. Leonbergers love meeting new people and playing at home. Their luxuriant coats are reddish brown or golden with black noses and eyes.


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