This breed stands 25-31 inches tall and can reach 170 pounds. Despite their size, they're merely large family dogs. If an activity needs strength and smarts, the Leonberger will probably be good at it.


The Saint Bernards were bred in the Swiss Alps and northern Italy as rescue dogs. They're 26-30 inches tall &120-180 pounds & very gentle, kind, and great with kids. 

Saint Bernard

Newfoundland dogs are 26-28 inches height and weigh 150 pounds.They look bigger due to their thick double coat, which keeps them warm in icy water.


English mastiffs are big dogs.Growing to 30 inches, these dogs can weight 230 pounds.A Great Dane is the tallest dog, although an English mastiff was the largest.

English Mastiff

The average Dogue de Bordeaux is 99–110 pounds in weight and 23–27 inches in height. Among mastiff breeds, however, it stands out for having what is supposedly the largest head of any canine in relation to its body size.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Irish wolfhound is taller than the Great Dane. Minimum height for males is 32 inches and 30 inches for ladies. That's minimum. Males stand 34-35 inches and weight above 140 pounds.

Irish Wolfhound

They're not the heaviest, at 100-120 pounds, but they're tall. Great Danes average 28-30 inches tall, but can be taller. Great Dane Zeus was the world's tallest dog at 44 inches.

Great Dane

Neapolitan mastiffs are Italian.Male mastiffs stand 26-31 inches height and weigh 150 pounds.Females are shorter and weigh about 110 pounds.

Neapolitan Mastiff

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