Boston Terriers are social dogs with brown eyes and tuxedo-style coats. A couple walks a day and some indoor playtime is usually enough. They're perfect for city singles and suburban families. This coat is low-maintenance.

Boston Terrier

Chihuahuas are like that Leo friend who is "up for anything." They are adaptable, independent creatures who only need a few blocks of exercise behind you. Even Chihuahuas with long hair only need to be brushed once in a while.


Dogs and busy lifestyles often bring up grooming. Taking your dog to the hairdresser more regularly than you get highlights? Nope. Manchester terriers have smooth coats. After a walk, these dogs love to relax.

Manchester Terrier

Dachshunds are friendly and up for anything frisbee or otherwise. Running around the home careful with stairs or walking are good exercises. Your Dachshund will be pleased sitting at your side in a dog-friendly office or at home.


Get a Doberman if you're active. Workouts are good for humans, and bonding with owners is good for dogs. Run your Doberman each night. They need exercise and instruction as puppies but are low-maintenance as adults.

Doberman Pinscher

The calm French bulldog is easy to care for, makes few noises, and adjusts well to his family's routine. These dogs, if they get enough exercise, will be at home with everyone.

French Bulldog

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are great for busy individuals because they can feel and adapt to their moods. Yes, brushing weekly is important to keep their longer coats from tangling, but they're easygoing and good with youngsters and other pets.

Cavalier King

This tiny, small, energetic dog will thank you. She'll be peacefully waiting for you when you return from errands. Rat terriers are sensitive but want to learn and please. You have a large family or frequently host friends.

Rat Terrier

The basset hound is yet another slug. You might think these dogs don't care if you're home if they weren't so loyal. They get along well with dogs. Basset hounds may need to be brushed three times a week to keep their coats healthy.

Basset Hound

Imagine a roly-poly mound of affection that wants to munch snacks with you. Pug! These chubby dogs get along with other dogs, kids, and singles. Yes, they shed, but hardly.


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