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Luckiest Day Of The Week For All Zodiac Signs

This week, the Sun's position in Libra coincides with a turning point for Pluto in Capricorn. This relates to your profession and will bring you a fortunate opportunity that will improve the quality of your life as a whole.


This overall provides you good fortune in all endeavors or considerations you have been pursuing. Consider this an indication from the universe to take that risk and proceed. 


Saturn in Aquarius turns direct this week after having been retrograde since the beginning of June. As this occurs, you will once again feel the universal gods smiling upon you.


As a Cancer, Pisces governs the aspects of your life that govern your good fortune. This week, the asteroid Juno turns straight in Pisces, allowing you to proceed with all contract-related endeavors.


Saturn in Aquarius has been interacting intermittently with Uranus in Taurus since last year. This month, it reaches its peak, and for you, this week, it means searching for employment opportunities.


It is time for you to have some good fortune in your life. As Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus square off this week, you will savor the benefits of their crisis point.


This week it forms a harmonic partnership with the Sun in Libra, allowing you to recognize that the more authentic you are, the more extraordinary experiences you draw into your life.


Because this year's eclipses are occurring in your zodiac sign and Taurus, with the next one arriving next week, the Scorpio Season will be very fortunate and transformative.


This week, when Pluto, now direct in Capricorn, opposes the Sun in Libra, you'll have a moment of opportunity. This indicates that you are fortunate and surrounded by advantageous people with whom you have significant relationships.


This week Saturn, the planet that governs lessons and limitations, turns direct in Aquarius, bringing financial and investment success. This is the week for everything to change if you've recently felt constrained or as if you'll never progress.


With Saturn turning direct this week, this is an excellent moment to sign on the dotted line and increase your income. You may be assured that you are genuinely making progress toward financial independence.


This week is an excellent time for new pursuits and projects to finally get off the ground, but be sure that anything you pour your energy in is also investing in you positively.


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