Madagascar's 101 lemur species among the world's most endangered. 33 endangered species.Political upheaval and environmental crime have led to lemur poaching as a source of protein for destitute people and money for fancy restaurants.


Unspoilt Central African forest protected gorillas for decades. Logging and roads drew us closer to apes. Subsistence hunting fueled gorilla meat trafficking. Miners kill gorillas to obtain rare earth minerals and gold.


2,710 to 3,386 snow leopards survive. Climate warming lowers the treeline by 30%, reducing their habitat. Their fur is used in rugs and fine furnishings. Hunters kill them for taxidermy.

Snow Leopard

8 pangolin species exist. The IUCN calls them vulnerable to critically endangered.Traditional hunters transport bushmeat to East Asian countries for untested therapies. Every year, pangolin products reach the US.


Wild tigers have declined 97% in a century. Once there were nine tiger subspecies; currently there are six. The last three are extinct, while the rest are endangered. At least 3,200 wild tigers are in high demand on the illegal market.


All marine turtles including green turtles are hunted, with disastrous results. All seven turtle species are endangered. Turtles might take 30 years or more to breed. Many are killed before mating.

Sea Turtles

Elephant ivory is the main attraction, but their meat and skin are also sold. CITES prohibited international ivory commerce in 1989, but demand endures. Illegal commerce involves ivory carvings and jewellery. Poaching rates rise with poverty and corruption.


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