Aries, love feels like a waking dream; you can't believe how nicely things are going. Jupiter's return to Pisces may remind you of how far you've come. You may hear from an ex before the month is over; whether they're the one depends on how much you value your changes.


Friends help you perceive the world's beauty after heartbreak. Expectations and bitter sentiments are leaving you. These are steps toward a brighter, more expansive path in self-love.


Working might help you forget things. A little distraction is helpful when single. A reminder that you have a full life can help you start the day off well. Still, you may want to be with someone, but due to circumstances or outside factors, you couldn't today.


Two people joining is beautiful. Your hearts merge with time, and you're called to love with passion and compassion. As you go closer, you see things others don't see. Treasure these moments.


Jupiter in Pisces gives you a second chance with a loved one. You've grown and can show a lover how much you've changed.


There is no end to true love, yet it can grow and change in different ways throughout time. Even if you know you'll never get back together with the person who shattered your heart, you can forgive them and make the decision that you're better off as friends.


You want a healthy connection. You're ready for all the good a partner can bring. Being with someone requires accepting their flaws and weaknesses. When everything is new, you can't see well, but over time you will. Will you like them?


Not many passionate loves have a smooth start, but that doesn't mean yours will always be difficult. With Jupiter in your relationship area, you can attempt something new and prove your love is worth it.


When you don't expect to have children, getting pregnant is a shock. Strange and lovely describes life. Now is the time to question yourself what you want in a relationship.


True love doesn't judge you by your history, no matter how difficult it can be when a secret is revealed. Adapting to the information you've provided is not a rejection.


You're in luck, Cancer. Someone who likes you surprises you with something nice. A present for your birthday can be purchased for you far in advance. He or she thinks the world of you and wants to give you everything in the world. You're in luck


A casual friendship could quickly turn into something more serious. Your self-assurance spiked as Jupiter entered your zodiac sign, but as time passed, it faded and reality set in. You know exactly what you need and what you want, and you also know how to get it.


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