Japanese Akitas are symbols of health and long life. They guard well and are respectable. Big and fluffy, the Akita needs early, hard training. They'll bark at intruders then smother you in love.


Alaskan Malamutes (Mals) are pack dogs. They appreciate family companionship and other pets. Alaskan Malamutes are hardworking sled dogs. Don't leave them home alone for too long.

Alaskan Malamute

American Bulldogs are descended from 1700s English Bulldogs. Farmers utilised them to guard animals, carry cargo, and catch predators. As long as they have enough exercise, they make terrific family pets. Bulldogs prefer interactive activities.

American Bulldog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, handsome, and friendly breed of dog. Having a strong but docile pet is well worth the effort. Dogs of the Bernese Mountain kind are friendly and easy to train.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Boerboels were used to defend homes and families from large predators in South Africa. They tend to be huge, but they have a soft, loving disposition. Boerboels are calm and shrewd, and they learn quickly if they are started young.


Cane Corso dogs are independent after working on battlefields and farms. If not trained early, they may choose when to heed commands. Cane Corsos are confident in their skills and have a cooler, more aloof personality than some of our other dogs.

Cane Corso

Doberman Pinschers are deadly guard dogs. They're not vicious, but they'll protect their families. Dobermans are clever, lively, affectionate, and fantastic with youngsters. Dobermans can't be left alone for long periods.

Doberman Pinscher

Dogue de Bordeaux are mastiff-like pups with even-keeled temperaments. Loyal and protective, Dogue de Bordeaux shouldn't overexercise to avoid joint and bone injuries. They're sensitive and stubborn, so train with love but firmness.

Dogue De Bordeaux

What do you get when you mix the Samoyed and Chow Chow? European! They're faithful and calm. They're smart and protective. Include your Eurasier in family events and keep training exciting to prevent sadness or boredom.


Great Danes are working dogs, therefore it's not surprising that they hunted wild boar. Since they are gentle, tolerant, and kind, Great Danes may coexist happily in a family with other pets and human offspring.

Great Dane

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