The Labrador Retriever is a classic breed that everyone knows and loves. These gentle, energetic dogs are popular assistance dogs. As their name implies, they're used to retrieve ducks.

Labrador Retriever

French Bulldogs were bred in England. They were popularised in France by English lacemakers. The French Bulldog, once a small bulldog, is now a companion pet, but it once hunted rats.

French Bulldog

German Shepherds are popular police and military dogs. High intellect and adaptability make them easy to train. In addition to their tenacity, resilience, and athleticism, they are one of the best working dogs of all time.

German Shepherd

This Scottish breed has been employed for search-and-rescue, service labour, and hunting. Golden Retrievers are good learners and may be trained well since they are intelligent and enjoy working.

Golden Retriever

Bulldogs weigh up to 50 pounds and stand little more than 15 inches tall. Their muscled, wrinkled appearance conceals their affable, good-natured temperaments.


Poodles are a non-sporting, show dog breed. Some owners trim their exquisite coats into unique styles. Despite their regal attitudes and flamboyant haircuts, Poodles make terrific family dogs.


Beagles, gregarious animals bred to hunt in packs, do well in groups or alone. As bred, they're excellent hunters. Friendly and joyful, they make great family dogs. These little dogs were bred to hunt bunnies.


Male Rottweilers reach 27 inches and 135 pounds. They're trusted protectors and watchdogs. They're good with youngsters and make terrific pets. These versatile dogs were among the first to serve as police or military dogs.


The Dachshund has a long, low-slung body and stubby legs in standard and tiny sizes. They're not built for distance, but they're bred to hunt badgers and foxes alone.


By name, you'd think the Australian Shepherd was created in Australia, however it was first raised in the US in the 1840s. Today, shepherds are still utilised to herd animals.

Australian Shepherd

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Yorkies are small dogs with big personalities. They're fierce yet make good pets. Their small size makes them suitable for apartments, but their yappiness might bother neighbours.

Yorkshire Terrier