Scorpios are the envy of the zodiac. They lack trust, so they make false allegations out of jealousy. Scorpios can't keep in their jealousy, becoming enraged if someone stands next to their lover.


Cancers can hide their jealousy well.They are the finest zodiac sign at hiding envy. When they're envious, it's a spectacle.


Leos are lovable and passionate. They don't throw a tantrum when things go wrong. When their partner pays more attention to another, they become envious. Leo seeks everyone's attention and becomes envious if they don't get it.


Virgos are jealous, but not of others. If someone does anything better than them, they're envious and act like life is a competition.


Passionate and moody Aries are envious. Aries acts swiftly when jealous.Short-tempered, they act on their feelings even if they don't want to. When Aries gets envious, run!


Taurus are possessive and insecure, but not jealous. Taurus knows when to act on emotion and when not to. Taurus must be quite upset if they display envy.


Capricorns aren't as jealous as other signs. Sometimes people get envious about tiny things, but they never act on it. Capricorns are self-controlled and don't allow trivial things bother them.


Libra is a tolerant sign. They recognise that things won't always go well.They're rarely jealous. Libras avoid conflict, so you'd never know if they're envious.


Sagittarius are the odd one out; they don't become jealous. They're very optimistic and outgoing. They don't like anyone holding them back, and it appears like people are jealous of them.


Aquarius is not jealous. They problem-solve, avoiding unnecessary insecurity. If Aquarius has a jealousy-related problem, they'll talk it through and resolve it.


Never jealous, Pisces. Their compassion and love for people make envy unusual. They aren't jealous, envious, or hateful, and if they are, they won't act on it.


Geminis don't feel envy because they don't care enough. Geminis are fun because of this. They are savvy and carefree. Instead of becoming jealous, they support individuals.


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