This descendant of terriers and bulldogs was bred for fighting but is also a loving household pet, especially to children. Due to their past as fighters, these dogs need early socialisation with other pets.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Beagles are popular among American pet owners for their joyful temperament and loyalty. The contemporary breed was developed as a scent hound in 19th-century England.


Saint Bernards are patient, kind, and careful around children. Monks employed this robust and faithful species to rescue avalanche victims in the Swiss Alps centuries ago. 

Saint Bernard

Great Pyrenees are territorial and protective of their families, yet socializing helps them be friendlier. These dogs have a waterproof outer covering and a softer, shorter inner layer that sheds each spring.

Great Pyrenees

Intelligent collies need exercise and engaging play to be happy, running km a day when herding sheep or cattle. Border collies are loyal companions because they want to please their owners.

Border Collie

This huge Swiss working breed is friendly and eager to please, often lavishing its attention on one person. These intelligent canines are easy to train and don't respond well to harsh tactics.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs are related to Australian dingos. As they herd by biting, early training is crucial to ensure they don't nip. Cattle dogs need a lot of physical activity and are loyal to their owners.

Australian Cattle Dog

Brittany dogs were traditionally gun dogs that retrieved birds. These loyal, nimble, and energetic canines are perfect for busy outdoor lifestyles and hunters.


Boxers are German hunting dogs with huge, powerful jaws and a sleek, tight-fitting coat. Boxers are patient, protective, playful, and lively; they shouldn't run free in public.


German shepherds are second most popular.  they're smart, bold, loyal, and confident.This dog is aloof and slow to make friends. Their intelligence and strength make them good guard and search dogs.

German Shepherd

Yorkies are little, silky-coated terriers originated in Britain in the 19th century. Intelligent and easy to train, these terriers are nevertheless tenacious and full of personality.

Yorkshire Terrier

The papillon, also called the butterfly dog because of its long hair and wing-shaped ears, is an alert and loving toy spaniel. These dogs enjoy to play and become loyal to their owners.


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