Irma is a unique German Shepherd dog name. Irma, a German Shepherd, rescued 200 people buried under London buildings during World War II and got the Dickin Medal for her efforts. Like Irma? Add it to your dog-name list.


A timeless name with an unique meaning, Sasha is a great German Shepherd name. It means 'defender of humanity' and there's no better description for these dogs.


This famous French name means 'beautiful,' and it's sure to be a hit with your new pup. It also doubles as a Disney dog name, allowing all Beauty and the Beast enthusiasts to have their own charming, free-spirited Belle in the family.


Looking for a clever and sassy name for your female German Shepherd? Give Trixie a shot. Trixie is an uncommon dog name, but if your dog provides you a lot of joy, that's exactly what this name symbolises.


Missy is the ideal name for a German Shepherd who is gentle and girly. What better name for your adorable companion? It's also short and lively, which is something all good dog names have in common.


Nala from Lion King is another Disney-inspired German Shepherd name. It complements the features and characteristics of this beautiful dog breed, so try it out on your new pooch.


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