Fans of Family Guy will likely name their white-coated dog Brian. But trust us if you've never seen it. The series' smart dog is popular culture.Brian is an outstanding white male dog name that will receive lots of attention


Frosty is a fantastic name for any dog with a snow-white coat. It's cute, winter-inspired, and short, which is always great for dog names. Is your dog feisty and tough to impress? Frosty it is.


Ice is another winter-inspired name that might become Icy for your white furry pet. Did you know that ice is slang for diamonds? One extra reason to choose this name for your child.


If you don't want to go the winter route but still want a white male dog name, Cloud might be it. What better choice for a giant fluffy Samoyed or a little Pomeranian or Bichon Frise?


For a friendly dog that always scares visitors, Casper is the best white dog name. Inspired by pop culture's friendliest ghost, Casper is a lovely, snappy name for your white dog.


Royal, elegant, and inspired by Frozen's ice princess, Elsa is a no-brainer for a lively white dog. Also, it's a popular dog name. Check out our Disney Dog Names for more options for your pet.


Well-behaved puppies need a name that conveys to the entire world how unique they are. Angel is an excellent choice for a female white dog name that perfectly complements the new protector in the family.


It's also the name of the Roman goddess of the Moon. Plus, Luna keeps topping lists of the most popular dog names, so you won't be the only one with a fluffy Luna wagging their tail around the home.


Why not name your white female dog Pearl, after this milky-colored gem? Margaret means pearl. Maggie is a name that properly represents your beautiful and elegant pearl-like furball without being too obvious.


Bianca, which means 'white' in Italian, is one of the most lovely names for a white puppy. This charming, straightforward name will make the entire family swoon, regardless of the fur kind, size, or shade of white.


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