"The Scorpio new moon enters your eighth home of intimacy and eroticism, reviving your sexuality. Use this burst of enthusiasm to go in-depth "she suggests.


This October event highlights Taurus' seventh house of partnerships. This may be the end or a new chapter. This will be the shift you've been looking for in your love life.


Gemini, although you are encouraged to give particular attention to your sixth house of work and organisation, this does not indicate that you must go it alone. If you need help, ask for it.


Creativity and Cancerians go hand in hand, so channel that passion project and accomplish what makes your soul the happiest and most genuine.


Even the active Leo requires relaxation. "If you need a reset, take some PTO and spend time with the individuals who fill your cup.


Communication and fresh ideas are gaining prominence, but you are not required to act on them. After the eclipse portal closes, begin to formulate a strategy and put it into action.


Changes may occur in your second home of money, employment, and security, but you'll be able to adapt and deal with any curveballs.


It's okay to focus on yourself at this time, Scorpio; in fact, the universe requires it! "Consider recurring themes between now and May during the last eclipse. There exists a story that is begging to be read."


Allow the celestial event to rid you of items you no longer need, Sagittarius. You will feel immediately lighter!


You, Caps, combine tech and teamwork effortlessly."Connecting with your crew can help you surf this unexpected energy whirlwind,"


Aquarius, this lunar cycle may bring about a professional pivot. Maybe you'll try a new field of study or work in a different division of the organisation.


Pisces, your passport? Probably necessary. In the following few weeks, a chance to travel, educate, or learn may propel you towards a dream path.


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