The appropriate ending can be wonderful. Moon enters Pisces, which regulates closure, dreams, and intuition. You may gain new perspective today. You may not understand now, but that's okay. Follow your vision to learn.


Friends come and go. When the Moon enters Pisces, tenuous partnerships may fade. You may be ghosted out of the blue, but you knew the relationship wasn't solid. Don't worry over a lost cause.


It's OK if your life and work roles change. The Moon enters Pisces, bringing career and social attention. You have strengths and shortcomings. A boss who wants your best may direct your attention elsewhere. Think about all the fun you can have doing what you enjoy instead of being sad.


Not every belief influences life. You grow and find yourself. You may outgrow your upbringing. Growing up changes your thinking. When the Moon enters Pisces, it's time to believe. As it presents new beliefs, you may discard old survival techniques.


A once-defining situation may no longer be as important. Secrets, deception, and control are simpler to identify as you grow. When the Moon enters Pisces, your region of endings, you want to stop caring about others' opinions. You know what it's like to be you, and they don't.


You're ready to be yourself, which may entail putting a partner on the back burner. Relationships are always evolving. Even if you love someone, sometimes their role must change to fit your needs and wants.


It's time to look at the world with new eyes, because the strategies that used to help you may no longer be effective. The Moon has moved into habitual Pisces. To move forward, perhaps it is time to initiate a brand-new approach.


When you want to take your enjoyment of life to the next level, romance is a great way to do so. You wish for something so extraordinary that it leaves you speechless. You wish that time would stop so that you might gasp at the wonder of a new romance.


Families are essential to you. You're at a place in life where you know who you are and what you need. When it comes to trivial concerns, you're less interested in providing your time. You want the good stuff, and few things matter more than enjoying your own flesh and blood.


Your relationship with a friend evolves. A friend may appear at at the right time in your life. Their presence, while intense, may only last long enough to impart the knowledge your spirit was destined to gain.


Whatever it was you believed you needed, you no longer do. There's a chance that the strategies that used to help you now don't work as well. You're prepared to take a chance and see if things get better if you try something new.


You get an important lesson. Your perspective shifts as you develop beyond your previous self-imposed limitations. If you have a place to begin, even if you don't know exactly what those steps are, they'll be that much easier to take.


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