Quick and easy arm workouts swear by fitness experts 

Flabby arms are typically the result of carrying excess body fat, but they can also result from a rapid weight loss.

 They also note, "If you think your flabby arms are the result of weight gain, that bonus jiggle develops because your body stores extra calories in the form of fat just under your skin."

Now if you want to get rid of flabby arms and boost your weight loss efforts, health experts recommend eating less calories and increasing your physical activity.

How To: For this exercise, you can opt to use weights (or bottles or soup cans) for a little extra challenge. 

Arm Circles Forward And Backward?

How To: With your weights, keep your palms facing your body and slowly lift your arms as your palms face the ground.

Lateral Lifts

How To: Bring your arms up from the lateral lift and allow your palms to face the ceiling. 

Bicep Curls

How To: From your bicep curl, you can lift your arms up above your head and slowly bring them back down.

Military Press


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