Your relationship ended before it began.You never gave it the care a relationship requires. You made arrangements without your boyfriend, seemed shocked when he called you as if you expected him to ghost you, and never seemed invested in a regular relationship.


You have elaborate tests and trials to screen possible partners.You take so long to make sure someone is okay to pursue a relationship with that they lose patience and give up.Sometimes you have to let whatever happens happen.


To avoid "buyer's regret," you kept your partner's alternatives open.If someone better came along, you didn't want to be tied down. What if you met your perfect match after a relationship? Emotional chaos bothers you.


He was upfront about not wanting a relationship, but you were sure he'd alter his mind after getting to know you. False.
He was honest; you weren't. You can't choose someone because they're a relationship game obstacle.


You're too busy for almosts and not-good-enoughs, so you ended things. When you settle for less, you're not helping anyone. Your confidence is enticing, so you won't be single long.


You were at separate phases in life and weren't connecting.Maybe you'll meet again and things will be better, but for now, it's best to part ways.You can't force a relationship, especially when both parties lack emotional resources.


You weren't yourselves because you were so careful not to offend.Because you weren't honest or vulnerable, a relationship was impossible. Being respectful of others' sentiments is great, but don't be scared to be yourself.


The romance started out intensely but fizzled shortly.You had strong sexual attraction, but little else. Once you were both satiated, you knew the relationship would never be more than a sexual release.


Your almost-relationship suffocated you quickly. You value your independence and don't want to be tied down.You left once reality hit. Maybe it could have worked, but it was too scary for you, making you one of the zodiac signs that are bad at relationships.


You barely saw him. You were too busy to do more than text. You convinced yourself he would have tried if he wanted to date you.Neither of you desired a relationship, so you can focus on work.


You never had alone time. You went on group dates with pals but never did couple things. You wouldn't grasp his hand in public to appear detached and uncaring. Your disinterest was evident.


You acted as though he was a mind reader, perhaps unknowingly.You expected him to know what you wanted without telling him. He assumed you merely wanted to be friends based on your behaviour and acted accordingly


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