Scorpios aren't always the finest in partnerships (their jealousy can get the best of them), but they are the most devoted. They'll be loyal to you whether they love or detest you. A Scorpio will always be loyal and will expect the same in return.


Cancers are ride-or-die lovers. Once they find the right person, they're dedicated for life. Cancers are committed, unlike Scorpios. They may gossip or rant behind your back to avoid conflict, but that doesn't mean they love or value you less.


Leos defend lovers and friends as fiercely as they defend themselves. Their significant others become extensions of themselves, and they become upset if something awful happens to them.


Taureans are stubborn, especially with their loved ones. They are one of the most loyal zodiac signs and are choosy about who they love and spend time with. Once a Taurus loves you, they'll always love you.


Libras, the rulers of love and romance, are loyal partners. Indecisiveness, vanity, and love can get in their way. In the proper  circumstances, it can kill their relationships. Libras are balanced; they may love and commit fully.


Despite their sign, Geminis are devoted partners. People underestimate Geminis' relationship skills. They love anyone who inspires them and remain with their partners through thick and thin.


An Aries is almost completely faithful. They're loyal to their loved ones and too principled to be two-faced. If an Aries finds something else interesting, they'll follow their hearts. It's logical to them.


Virgos are too neurotic to be faithful but too paranoid to be sneaky or leave someone wondering. If they love you, they'll stick with you, but if they're bored, they'll move on. Virgos can easily replace you. Queen Virgo Bey would say left.


Capricorns are less loyal yet not untrustworthy. They want to lead in relationships and can grow attracted to people who don't reciprocate.If they're not careful, they'll become jaded by how hard they work and wind up mistreating others who don't deserve it.


Pisces are amazing lovers, yet they're often so stuck in their fantastic imaginative worlds and inspired that they locate better pastures.Pisceans enjoy love but hate being stuck. Once they believe they've outgrown a relationship, they'll go on, like it or not.


Aquarians are ambitious, especially when it comes to world change, and that's their downfall. They're so charitable that they'll forsake their personal connections. Aquarians will be seduced by their passion of working till 11:30 PM most weeknights.


Sags are wonderful. They're too free-spirited and quirky to commit 100% to loyalty.If anyone has trouble committing and staying committed, it's Sagittarians. They crave experience and are enticed by the unknown. This affects their relationships, unfortunately.


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