Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Hunger – When your brain sends signals for calories and drinks, they can be confused. Dehydrated, your liver stores glycogen, a source of energy. 

You Are Exhausted – Your body conserves energy when your metabolism slows, leaving you exhausted. Mild dehydration reduces blood volume, pushing your heart to pump oxygen and nutrients to all your cells.

Your Head is Pounding – Mild dehydration reduces blood volume, which means less oxygen reaches your brain with each heartbeat. To bring in extra oxygen, your brain's blood vessels dilate. 

You Have Bad Breath - The antibacterial qualities of your saliva prevent the harmful germs that cause bad breath from settling in your mouth.

Your Urine is Dark — The most obvious indicator of mild dehydration is the color of your urine. Urine with a pale yellow hue suggests adequate hydration. 

You are having difficulty. "Going" – Your digestive tract relies on fluids to facilitate waste removal. If you feel constricted, insufficient water intake may be the cause.

Whether you drink it bottled, filtered, or straight from the tap, make sure you receive your daily water consumption to keep your body hydrated

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