Due to their social nature, these tiny finches do best when they have a pal of their own. If left alone, they risk succumbing to feelings of isolation and sadness.


Lovebirds converse regularly, but not how you'd think. They talk among themselves but not to humans. Their song is more soothing than other companion birds.


Canaries have been known to be territorial birds. Therefore, it is typically required to keep them in separate quarters. If you like to take a more laid-back approach to caring for your pets, a canary may be the perfect companion for you.


Many people believe that budgies have the most vast vocabulary of any bird, with 1,728 words. However, it may be very challenging to actually understand what they are saying.


In comparison to other parrot species, these birds tend to be more mellow and laid-back. Because they are friendly and like company, you may anticipate regular shoulder rides from these adorable creatures.

Bourke’s Parakeets

These mischief-makers are just the right size to be called clowns. They tend to be quite headstrong, brash, and obstinate. However, Caiques are so cute and entertaining to watch that it's tough to be mean to them.


Cuddly and outgoing, cockatiels may sometimes be fierce. They're famed for their whistle serenades and love being on someone's shoulder.


These birds don't require a mate to survive, but they do need human companionship and toys to keep them from getting lonely.

Pionus Parrots

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