Only one male and one female are sexually mature in a clownfish group. If the female in a breeding couple dies, her male mate transforms into a female and chooses the next biggest male.


Hawkfish can switch back, unlike most sequential hermaphrodites. If their new harem loses too many females or a stronger male threatens them, female-turned-male hawkfish may revert to female.


The humphead wrasse is protogynous. The humphead wrasse can change gender after 9 years. Female humphead wrasses are reddish orange, while males are blue-green.

Humphead Wrasse

Wormlike mollusks are simultaneous hermaphrodites, meaning they employ both male and female reproductive systems at once. Most banana slugs prefer a mate, but they can self-fertilize.

Banana Slugs

Some Lycaeides butterflies have gynandromorphism, which causes male and female features to be placed haphazardly or bilaterally, with one side male and the other female.


Male and female cardinals have differing colouring, therefore a gynandromorph is easy to detect with brown-gray "female" feathers on one side and bright red "male" feathers on the other. gynandromorph cardinals seem different, says a research.


Among green frogs, spontaneous sex changes with fully functioning reproductive organs may be prevalent.frog sex reversal may be caused by human pollutants.


Some female snakes, like copperheads, can give offspring without a male partner by parthenogenesis. This is the ability to carry out both sexes' reproductive duties at once, although not as a hermaphrodite.

Copperhead Snakes

Bearded dragon eggs are sex reversed. During egg incubation, male bearded dragons often become female. But it's not complete. Genetically male, yet act and breed like females.

Bearded Dragons

86% to 98% of sea turtle hatchlings near Australia's Great Barrier Reef were female. Females may prefer mates in cooler climates for reproduction. If too many females can't find mates, sea turtle populations could fall.

Green Sea Turtles

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