In matters of the heart, it's beneficial to set high standards for yourself, Aries. When you're lonely, it's easy to settle for a partner who doesn't make you happy. Finding a life partner isn't meant to be simple. It takes time to find the one in a million. Having patience is a virtue.


To be in love that is steady and reliable can be quite satisfying. You don't have to be with someone who always amazes you. The stability and assurance that comes with a long-term partnership can be very appealing.


Remember that it takes two people to make your house a home. When you start a relationship, you may not know what the future holds, but make a life together. Protect the future you want by making wise decisions.


You may not be searching for sterile love, but it's okay to want a storybook romance. Cancer, dream big! If it means the house, 2.5 kids, and one dog, OK. Shoot for the stars!


Introducing someone to the family may mean you're getting serious. With a few weeks until Thanksgiving, discuss expectations and whether you'll spend the day together or separately.


You're a strong communicator, but not everyone is. Mercury rules you, therefore you can form the right statement and express yourself better than most partners. If your spouse stutters, help them get the message across.


The month might fly by before you realise how much you spent on dates and going out. You've got valuable experiences. If you overspent, strive to cut back next month.


Avoid being so critical of yourself, Scorpio. No one ever said that falling in love would be easy, but with each new relationship comes the opportunity to discover what works and what doesn't.


When you distance yourself from an ex, you can see what went wrong. Wisdom and experience fill distant recollections. You may learn from this experience and make better decisions in future relationships, even if you don't know what happened or why.


Friends help keep you accountable. It's difficult to keep a promise not to contact an ex. Text a friend instead. They can point out your plan's shortcomings and why you should reconsider.


No one wants to earn someone's love, and doing more than being yourself can be a warning flag. Expectations can creep into your relationship, so talk about them before negative and hurt sentiments take over.


You may want a church wedding. Even if you're not religious, walking down the aisle might be your dream wedding. Today is a good day to make wedding-related phone calls.


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