Even if you think someone is only a buddy, you may feel something more growing today.An ex-friend may move you. It's shocking to realise the love you thought was dead has returned, but the heart knows what it needs.


As Venus activates your commitment sector during Venus in Scorpio, anxieties regarding commitment will fade. Before rejecting love, you must examine your heart to be absolutely honest with yourself.


It is never too early to begin counselling with someone you are interested in getting to know. You will benefit from being proactive in your relationship before difficulties arise.


As you fall in love, a little romance goes a long way. When you meet someone you feel like you've known for years, your connection seems fated. Give things time to develop.


Today, someone may offer a portion of your family history that surprises you. Every family has secrets, and whether you know them depends on your relationship with the others.


When you start to like someone, you may opt to check out their social media to learn more. You may find clues about their past that make you curious about their lives. When you're dating someone new, lurking is a strategy to protect yourself.


It's easy to bond with a present. You give a present sentimental value. Remember that the person and the relationship are more important than possessions.


Scorpio, know yourself. When you're in a relationship, you may forget bits of yourself. Honor your needs and wants. You shouldn't lose yourself in love.


You may appreciate being on your own. You may be scared of long-term commitment. You prefer me-time, so sharing it could be a distraction.


Your acquaintance tells something surprising about your lover. Last to know is the last thing you want. If it was there, you didn't see it. Seeing things now can help.


You want to feel respected, so you will want to hear it in your partner's speech and observe it in their behaviour.


Your values are fundamental to who you are, and while you may not mind if your spouse has a different opinion, you would prefer that they always respect your right to your own viewpoint.


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