The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love 

If we all need confidence and nerve to get our love lives back on track, October 8, 2022 is bringing the goods and ensuring we have our day.

We have a lot going for us today, and for some zodiac signs, this might indicate significant advancements in the status of your relationship, as well as new insights into what makes the two of you tick.

On this day, we gain insight into what our spouse truly desires, but more importantly, we understand how to apply this knowledge to the benefit of the relationship.

This path makes itself known, today, as the path that we can take with our romantic partner. The future looks bright and our path is paved in truth and light. If it feels good go with it.

You don't really think about the future as long as things are going well between you and your person; you're simply pleased to remain in the 'happy' present. 

1. Taurus

You're always on the verge of a great breakthrough, and it's the same with your love life; you're either madly in love or ready to bolt out the door to find someone new.

2. Gemini

You have no defense now, and you don't see the point. You are raw emotion, and it comes into your life because you are now so ready for it. In the guise of your beloved companion.

3. Pisces


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