The 6 Most Romantic Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Ah, romance—it's one of life's great joys, and for those who seek love, it's a feeling unlike any other.

Candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, and handwritten love letters are among some of the most common romantic gestures

Partners can show their affection in different ways—maybe your husband brings you flowers every week, or your girlfriend offers to do the dishes after you've cooked dinner.


If you need tough-love advise, ask a Capricorn who won't hold back. This indicator is usually open to hearing your perspective.


Different from INFJs in that they lean more toward extroversion, ENFJs are also among the most romantic.


Williams also noted INFPs as romantics, adding that they will want to know and understand every aspect of their partners.


ENTPs are highly selective when it comes to their romantic partners, but when they fall, they fall hard.


They observe calling back on time, arriving on time for dates, and following through on promises and commitments."


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