The 7 Best Places On Your Body To Get A Tattoo

If you have fantasized about getting a tattoo on your upper chest, you may want to consider the outer collarbone.

Outer Collarbone

If you are frequently exposed to the sun, you should probably avoid getting a tattoo on your outer arm and instead choose a more protected location.

Inner Arm

Again, because it is frequently hidden by clothing, the back is a popular location for tattoos. This area is not generally exposed to UV radiation, according to Palomino. And it tends to keep up nicely over time.


 the upper thighs are typically shielded from the sun, so if you want a tattoo that can last the test of time, this may be your best option.

Upper Thighs

"A tattoo on your ribcage that does not stretch too far towards your abdomen is a good site. because it is frequently covered by clothing and therefore protected from the sun.

Upper Ribcage

Consider the back of your neck if you're searching for a site for a tattoo that is both distinctive and will almost always look nice.


As the skin on the shoulders and calves is less susceptible to aging, tattoos in these locations tend to last longer, . Compare this to places that undergo a great deal of change over life, such as the abdomen.

Shoulders & Calves

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