The 7 Tattoos That Attract The Most Positive Energy, According To Experts 

While black cats are commonly associated with bad luck, they can also draw pretty positive energy in the form of tattoos.

A Black Cat

While some of these good-luck tattoos may be culturally inappropriate depending on your culture, it's vital to recognize that positive energy symbols originate all around the world.

Lion-dog (komainu)

Similar to the lion-dog, Ganesh tattoos are culturally specific, but extremely potent and significant for attracting positive energy.


A compass is an almost universally-recognized symbol, and because it can be made in so many unique ways, it makes for an excellent positive-energy tattoo.


If you're searching for a more modest good-luck tattoo, the ladybug may be the appropriate choice.


The Flower of Life is not a typical flower design, but rather a geometric symbol. And tattoo artists consider this a really positive design.

Flower Of Life Tattoos

Traditional symbols of good fortune are well-known, yet their meanings vary based on your connection to the sign.

Standard Good-Luck Symbols

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