The 8 Best U.S. National Parks to See Wildlife

Grand Teton National Park is a very accessible option to see the park's fauna.

1 Grand Teton National Park

national parks are so lush with creatures that it can be practically impossible to miss them—for better or worse.

2 Yosemite National Park

Travelers looking to spot animals in the wild likely think of lush forests or fertile plains first when planning their excursions.

3 White Sands National Park

Not all trips into nature have to involve a lengthy excursion. In fact, some national parks are relatively accessible while still being full of wildlife.

4 Rocky Mountain National Park

Pinnacles National Park is famed for the unique prehistoric volcanic rock formations that give it its name

5 Pinnacles National Park

The National Park of American Samoa is the second least-visited site in the system, with 8,495 visits in 2021. 

6 National Park of American Samoa

As one of the oldest, largest, and most visited national parks in the system, Yellowstone's reputation for natural splendor tends to precede it.

7 Yellowstone National Park

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