These gigantic canines are lovely, quiet, and friendly despite their size. Bernese mountain dogs are happy-go-lucky and easy to teach.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These extremely athletic dogs are entertaining, devoted companions who are gentle and patient with all family members, including children. In addition, there is no finer cuddling companion.

Pitbull Terrier

Samoyeds, known for their continuously raised mouths, are smart, fun-loving dogs with a gorgeous white coat that sheds a lot. This highly energetic breed needs intensive exercise, as they were originally designed to herd reindeer and pull sledges.


Airedales are the largest terrier breed and embody the group's keen, fearless temperament. Their intransigence makes them popular and energetic companions.

Airedale Terrier

Malamutes are naturally amicable toward humans. They require a pack leader to establish the standard, therefore implement an early training routine for a well-mannered family member.

Alaskan Malamute

Aussies are driven by their background in herding. Intelligent and loyal, they're easily trained. Daily activity should last at least one hour.

Australian Shepherd

Basset Hounds are couch potatoes when they're not hunting. They're patient with kids, making them a good family choice.

Basset Hound

Smart and loyal, these herders are preferred by the military and Secret Service. Mals need movement and stimulation, and they're happiest with a job.

Belgian Malinois

Bright and faithful, these pups served as messengers and ambulance dogs during World War I. Today's herders are adaptable, child-friendly, and protective.

Belgian Sheepdog

Tervs are smart and take their training and work seriously. All that attention and drive need regular workout.

Belgian Tervuren

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