They are as low-maintenance as dogs can be, requiring simply sweater shopping. They are little enough to cuddle with in bed and empathetic enough to comfort Elle Woods during her heartbreak. An inner monologue-buster.


Obedient and loyal "without being needy"—is it any wonder Queen Elizabeth loves him? They're quick to bond with humans, thus they're typically used as companion dogs. They'll love sitting at your feet as you sip tea. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

There's good reason for the success of this lovable lunkhead. French bulldogs are adaptable, mild-mannered, and love nothing more than to cuddle their way out of a foul mood. Sweet but headstrong, this breed makes excellent housemates for people who want to spend most of their time indoors.

French Bulldog

Prince William and Kate Middleton's favourite breed is recognised for connecting with children who are experiencing mental health or emotional difficulties since it is sweet and very kid-friendly. Additionally, their fluff factor is through the roof. Simply bury your nose and your concerns in their long, luxurious fur.

Cocker Spaniel

Weenies are funny, loving, and full of energy. You'll have so much fun following their usual antics around town that you won't have time to worry. They're perceptive but easily hurt, therefore your training methods should reflect that.


There are several reasons why Goldens are popular therapy, guiding, and rescue dogs, along with Labradors. They often pass the Canine Good Citizen test, the highest standard for ES animals. Highly clever and easily trained, their always-happy temperaments can be playful or calm.

Golden Retriever

be aware that Labs are just as eager as Goldens to please their human companions and learn new commands.

Labrador Retriever

Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic took a Yorkshire terrier to treat injured naval sailors during WWII. The Yorkie was the first therapy dog because he lifted the soldiers' spirits. This small breed has a lot to offer, from its pedigree to its ability to travel via shoulder bag.

Yorkshire Terrier

These gentle giants, many of them racetrack retirees, prefer to lay around while being able to sprint 35 mph. Sweet and docile, with velvety coats, they make great housemates. Bonus? They "hug" by leaning against their human's legs.


Loving, anxious to please, and tolerant of wild domestic animals, it's no wonder a Saint Bernard inspired Peter Pan's nanny. 180-pound teddy bears need only moderate activity. With soulful gaze and gentle demeanors, they're like dog ashwagandha.

Saint Bernard

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for adapting to their owners' habits, making them the finest pets for renters. Cavs are soft and cuddly companions. Low prey drive makes them good walking companions.

Cavalier King

Ancient Chinese emperors kept these little, strong canines as friends. Dutch and British kings later favoured them. Pugs are goofy and bring affection and loyalty.


Bernese Mountain dogs are gentle with kids and animals. They'll pick a favourite and show it. While they need exercise, they're also happy reclining with a beloved person, meditating or contemplating life's minor delights.

 Bernese Mountain Dog

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