The future of dating

We once had lockdowns and limited social engagement. This affected dating and will for years to come.

single by choice

Growing trend: purposefully single. People are happier being unmarried for longer periods. The epidemic exacerbated this.

Zoom calls won't disappear.

We had two years of Zoom sessions and screen-based communication. They're also good for meeting people.

Dating sober

Having a drink at a pub has been a favorite first date situation for years. Changing.

Date mindfully

Another pandemic-related tendency. Dating is becoming more important. They're more present with oneself and date-by-date.

Rising honesty

After the pandemic, tolerance for idle chatter dropped. As a result, people are more honest with their dates. This is called "honesty."

Increased "hardballing"

It's when you have a clear picture of who you are, what you want, and what you desire in a relationship


In the future, more people will demand their dates to go to therapy. 91% of Hinge users want to date someone who goes to therapy, according to a 2022 study.

Continue ghosting

Rejection is easy. It's easy to do, and it won't end soon.


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