The Halloween 2022 Horoscope For Every Zodiac Sign

25 sep, 2020

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, but the weekend leading up to it is jam-packed with important planetary action. 

Giant planet Jupiter will be retrograding back into Pisces on Friday, October 28, bringing with it a lot of magical energy.

The mental planet Mercury enters the emotional sign of Scorpio on Saturday, intensifying our communication methods. On Sunday, October 30, Mars retrograde will start in earnest.

As of yesterday, Aries, your ruling planet Mars is in retrograde, so you may be experiencing some sluggishness as the week begins. Fortunately, that won't prevent you from enjoying yourself on Halloween. 


The present eclipse season is triggering enormous changes in your identity and closest connections, Taurus, and the first-quarter moon on Halloween acts as a forerunner to the lunar eclipse in your sign on November 8.


Gemini, if you're an early riser, Halloween morning offers a fantastic opportunity to delve deep into your subconscious and uncover some underlying emotions. 


As the moon enters your enigmatic rebirth, and subconsciousness, Cancer, the occult atmosphere of Halloween is intensified astrologically in your chart.


The majority of Leos enjoy dressing up, going out, and showcasing their ingenuity, so putting up an eye-catching and impressive Halloween costume is a must. 


After a possibly flirtatious and enjoyable weekend, Halloween brings a severe case of the Mondays, which is no problem for a Virgo who values organization.


On Halloween, the moon enters your fun-filled fifth house, Libra, making it the ideal moment to embrace romance, creativity, and pleasure. Allow your inner social butterfly to soar free by accepting an invitation to a Halloween party.


You likely had a busy and social Halloweekend, Scorpio, since talkative Mercury entered your sign on Saturday and the moon spent the weekend spotlighting your communication sector. 


Sag, with the moon entering your house of communication on Halloween, this spooky holiday is certain to be social, entertaining, and brimming with prospective plans.


Expect to be immersed in your emotions on Halloween morning, Capricorn, as the moon will unite with Pluto, the planet of transformation, in your sign, triggering profound emotions, intense moods, and powerful intuitive hits.