Healing may not appear lucky, but when you consider its wonderful effects, you'll see why. Whether you see life as harming or healing relies on your perspective.


Mercury is in Libra, stimulating your health while square Pluto in Capricorn, your luck ruler. This is a wake-up call to focused on your health as your biggest asset.


Mars is fiercely determined. It guides action, decisions, and life choices. Retrograde periods aren't usually considered lucky, but you can slow down now to avoid making a mistake you'll regret.


Pisces rules luck, prosperity, and wonderful things. Jupiter retrograde in this water sign should provide good news this week. During the last two months, major legal or financial tasks may have stalled.


In Aries, Chiron, the wounded healer, promotes lucky themes, while the North Node in Taurus activates career themes. Recently, you may have had trouble valuing money or yourself.


This week, Chiron in Aries and the North Node in Taurus will provide lucky possibilities and transformation for you. These two themes are crucial since it seems you've known about a big change for a while but have been afraid to act.


Mars is in Gemini and will retrograde this week. Gemini energy rules your lucky opportunities and gifts from the cosmos, therefore amazing gifts are coming.


This week's New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your zodiac sign, bringing you excellent fortune. Eclipses are favourable occasions that accelerate growth and dream manifestation.


Seasons change everything. Currently, you're focusing on your love life, house, and family or children. This is the most abundant part of your life, even if you've been distracted by money or large trips.


This week, pay special attention to the treasures that individuals around you have to offer. The New Moon Solar Eclipse stresses the importance of having supportive friends.


Chiron in Aries rules your communication, while the North Node in Taurus emphasises home and family. This is a great time for critical conversations, healing energies, and smoother sailing.


You work well with Scorpio energy because it's a water sign and regulates your luck. This week will be lucky with Venus, Sun, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse.


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