Aries are most prone to commit a passion crime. When enraged, they strike out, and sometimes their acts hurt more than their words. Aries doesn't always consider before acting and can cause a lot of damage.


The most risky aspect of Aries is their tendency toward sudden emotional outbursts and rash actions.

When they make up their minds, it's hard to get them to change or compromise, which can lead to conflicts and battles. Taurus takes time to get angry, but once they do, they're fiery. Taureans are incredibly domineering and will do anything to get their way.


That intransigence of Taureans is their greatest weakness.

They won't rob you, but they may lose your beloved necklace or ignore a parking ticket until they have a warrant. In a short conversation with a Gemini, it won't matter how often you check the time on your phone. Gemini won't notice if you leave mid-discussion.


Geminis are risky because they are unpredictable and disorderly.

When they're upset or angry, they overreact. If they think you dissed or disrespected them, they'll cut you out of their lives so fast you won't even notice. Emotions can make someone unreasonable and unstable.


A Cancer's volatile temperament is their greatest weakness.

They continue in bad relationships or do shady things if they think it would help them. They seem brave and strong, but they're insecure, needy, and lonely. They're attention-seeking and will manipulate others to acquire it.


The passive aggressive tendencies of Leos are their greatest weakness.

They'll plan the perfect murder if they want to kill someone. White-collar crimes are Virgo's thing. More prone to steal or conduct fraud than murder. If you suspect a Virgo of a crime, they're capable.


Virgo's brilliant mindset is their greatest weakness.

When they lose it, you never know what they might do, whether it be stealing large sums of money, gambling, or trying out new drugs. Even the most stable Libra might have a nervous breakdown and utter hurtful things to their friends and family.


The Libra's tendency to repress their feelings until they explode is their greatest weakness.

This sign isn't vindictive. They'll devise a plan and wait as long as necessary so their target won't see it coming. Scorpios rarely forgive, even if they're apologetic. Scorpios are sensitive, but they'll pay if they're injured.


A Scorpio's thirst for vengeance is their greatest weakness.

They may be able to undermine your efforts without realising it. Though a Sagittarius may believe they are being straightforward, they often fail to see the harm they do with their remarks. If you hold them up for any length of time, you should expect to get ripped a new one because they are really impatient.


One of Sagittarius' greatest weaknesses is their tendency toward direct speech.

As a sign, Capricorn can be icy and miserly at times. If you need a loan, don't go to a Capricorn because they'll give you a lecture on how you should never lend or borrow money.


Capricorn's inability to empathise with others is their greatest weakness.

When Aquarius determines that something or someone is not immediately useful to them, they lose interest. They routinely act without thinking about how their choices may play out in the future. They are willing to compromise morality for speed, as long as they are able to achieve their goals.


The Aquarius's incapacity to perceive the larger picture is their greatest weakness.

From booze, gambling, drugs and medicines to food, Pisces don't want to be deprived of anything, and if they like something, they'll totally indulge. It gets nasty quickly.


Pisceans' addiction propensity is their greatest weakness.

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