1 million people die annually from mosquito bites. Malaria is the most common, although West Nile virus and dengue fever are equally dangerous.


million people per year

Because of the prevalence of gun violence, humans have been ranked as the second-most lethal mammal in terms of their ability to kill other people.


475k people per year

Snakes are the third deadliest animal in the world, thus Indiana Jones was right to fear them. In the US, the chances of dying from a snake bite are almost low, while other regions lack high-quality medical care.


50k people per year

A man's best friend is sometimes his worst enemy. Each year, 25,000 people lose their lives due to interactions with dogs.


25k people per year

The tsetse fly transmits the sleeping sickness parasite. The parasite has a treatment, but because it mainly affects rural areas, it's hard to find. Infection causes death after years.

Tsetse Flies

10k people per year

Assassin insect faeces transmit a parasite. The Chagas parasite quickly causes significant heart or brain enlargement. This Chagas disease phase kills 10,000 each year.

Assassin Bugs

10k People Per Year

Seventh on this list of scary animals is a tie. Freshwater snails transmit schistosomiasis in tropical and subtropical waters. Schistosomiasis causes rashes, digestion issues, infertility, and bladder cancer.

Freshwater Snails

10k people per year

The Israeli deathstalker and the Brazilian yellow scorpion carry deadly venom. Children, the elderly, and adults with impaired immune systems are vulnerable to these arachnids' neurotoxins.


3,250 people per year

Any animal in its habitat is fair game for rocodiles. Because crocodiles prowl in poorer, more rural areas, each death receives less media attention than other animal attacks.


1k people per year

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