Border collies are clever, high-energy dogs that need exercise. Active border collies love to run. They make wonderful running partners and catch Frisbees and balls well. 

Border Collie

Originating in Hungary as a working and hunting dog, the vizsla was bred for the field. The vizsla's lean body and high energy make it a wonderful jogging or riding companion.


Like the border collie, this herding breed excels at agility and obedience. These happy dogs love ball games like Frisbee. The Aussie is a terrific running companion since it likes its owner and takes direction well.

Australian Shepherd

Greyhounds are the world's fastest dog at 43 mph. This lanky dog can sprint and run long distances.The greyhound is calmer than other energetic dogs. 


Labrador retrievers are friendly and playful. Labs love chasing tennis balls and swim. They're good-natured and will join their owner on a walk, hike, or other outdoor activity. 

Labrador Retriever

Siberian huskies are great for chilly climates. These dense-coated, energetic canines were bred to pull sleds over miles of snow and had tremendous stamina.  This active dog is a fantastic running buddy.

Siberian Husky

Bernese mountain dogs were originally used to move cattle in the Swiss Alps. The huge, tricolored dog thrives in cold weather and is a great trekking companion.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Power, speed, and endurance define these dogs. They thrive with twice-daily exercise. German shorthaired pointers are energetic and stamina make them perfect hiking, swimming, and running partners.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Dalmatians were initially used as "coach dogs" to defend carriage riders. This energetic breed is great for running and trekking. Socialization and positive reinforcement are vital for this high-energy breed.


This beautiful terrier is also smart and feisty. They're swift enough to keep up with horses and hounds while hunting foxes. Smart, athletic, trainable dogs. They run, surf, and skateboard.

Jack Russell Terrier

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The Rhodesian ridgeback was trained to track lions over great distances in Africa. It loves to run and has a strong prey sense, so it's always ready for a pursuit. This breed enjoys lengthy walks and other vigorous activity.

Rhodesian Ridgeback