The Most Popular Pie from Every Decade

At the turn of the century, bananas were still sold as an exotic fruit in America, and cookbooks used them creatively. 

1900s: Banana Cream Pie

Despite the invention of refrigerators in 1913, most Americans still used iceboxes.

1910s: Icebox Pie

This 1920s New England dessert featured cake-like cookies and gooey fillings. 

1920s: Whoopie Pies

Vinegar-filled "desperation pies" Mixing vinegar with sugar creates a sweet-tart, velvety custard.

1930s: Vinegar Pie

This traditional pie became famous in the 1940s. Many American soldiers fought World War II "for motherhood and apple pie."

1940s: Apple Pie

Jell-O is quintessential '50s. (Maybe Leave it to Beaver reruns) Mrs. Cleaver probably would have made a fruit-filled gelatin pie.

1950s: Jell-O Pie

1960s convenience ingredients and the Grasshopper cocktail were popular.

1960s: Grasshopper Pie


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