The cape buffalo is Africa's deadliest big mammal. The cape buffalo can run 40 mph and charge unprovoked. This big beast won't stop charging even if shot in the heart and has killed lions.

Cape Buffalo

Rattus rattus is a reviled animal. Nocturnal rats brought bubonic plague-infected fleas to Europe. Rats continue to spread disease and have wiped out native reptiles, insects, and birds like the Tahitian sandpiper.


The striped skunk, known as Pepé Le Pew in cartoons, stinks. Skunks release sulphurous compounds from their anal scent glands when threatened. The scent travels a mile downwind. Skunks are wary of employing this defence because it takes 10 days to renew.


Coyotes are a major threat to ranchers' livestock. Coyotes, related to the grey wolf, used to prey primarily at night but have become braver as human towns have grown. Jessica Simpson hates coyotes after one stole her maltipoo in 2009.


Raccoons, known for knocking over trash cans and eating food waste, can be annoying. Raccoons in heated attics can thousands of dollars in damage. Farmers hate raccoons for eating chicks, ducks, and eggs and for damaging maize.


Despite the common misconception that lions mainly hunt large mammals like zebras and wildebeests, this predator has been responsible for numerous human fatalities and finds human meat delicious.


Mongooses are wily Asian predators. Introduced to islands like Mauritius and Fiji to clear out rodent populations on sugar cane farms, the mongoose liked other native foods and is now invasive and harming the ecosystem.


Monkeys, our closest relatives, are hated in Asia. Monkeys, venerated in India as the monkey god Hanuman, spread rabies and ruin crops. Monkeys attack humans in Southeast Asian temples and tourist spots.


The hyena is a scavenger, yet it can hunt if there isn't enough carrion. During times of heavy human casualties, hyenas have been known to hunt living humans if not enough corpses are available.


Since then, it's devoured eucalyptus leaves and threatened local birds. Possums are the major way bovine tuberculosis spreads, which is bad news for Kiwi farmers. For Kiwi beef's sake, we should keep hating this animal.

Brushtail Possum

Deer are hated, especially on routes that run through forests and wooded areas. Deer cause 1.5 million crashes annually, causing $1.1 billion in damage and 150 deaths in the U.S.


Kangaroos are bewildered by headlights and are often hit by cars in isolated regions. Kangaroos can demolish a little car. 18 Australians died in roo-related collisions last decade.


Bats are mammals, not birds, and most people are scared of them. Bats rarely bite humans and prefer insects to blood, despite their Halloween reputation. They're a natural pesticide, pollinator, and fertiliser. If there's one mammal we should love, it's the bat.


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